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To enjoy the PC strategy game experience you need to see what kind of games, console or PC, you truly like. If you go for the -Resident Evil- shoot-em-ups you may not go for the methodical pace of -Civilization. However, if you like hands on control, maybe even like history, -Civilization- is a good start. Other games provide faster action and far more bodies. Some, like -Warcraft, even incorporate elements of the greatest fantasy worlds.

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There are dozens of other strategy games you should know about, ones not listed here. Foe example, -Galactic Civilizations- and -Master of Orion- are both similar to -Civilization, but they-re in space. And -Empire Earth- would appeal to gamers who like -Age of Empires- and -Warcraft. You-re in luck, because there are dozens of places online to find the right games for your strategy gaming experience. Watch for top reviews from major online/print magazines like PC Gamer and IGN.