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Cougar MX330 Mid Tower Case Review

Cougar MX330 Gaming Case

Affordable, spacious and with adequate cable routing. The Cougar MX330 Mid Tower case is my go to for budget PC gaming computer builds.

I personally snagged the Cougar MX330 case for my recent gaming computer build and could not be happier with this purchase. Sure it is missing some of the alienistic styling on top dollar cases but I have found the space and design to be to my liking.

Cougar MX330 Gaming Case

Power Supply Compartment

I always look for a case that has a separate compartment for the power supply (preferably on the bottom). Power supplies can generate a lot of heat and having that barrier between your motherboard,CPU,GPU can really help with thermals. The Cougar MX330 has a screened port in the bottom that your power supply will draw air from, most power supplies are designed to exhaust out the back. With this barrier in place there should be minimal heat transference from the power supply, although some heat soak will always occur.

Cougar MX330 Gaming Case

Cable Routing

This case is not the winner take all of cable routing but it has some routing features available and the locations of the elements fit my needs. I was able to hook everything up properly and zip tie the cables into an attractive configuration.

Fan locations

This case has space for 5 fans… however… if you will be installing a dvd/rw drive this negates one of the fan openings (unless you want to cool the top of your dvd drive). I installed 3 fans (120mm) into this case (2 in front one on top) and the case came with a rear fan already installed. I did have to drill the front lower fan holes slightly larger to fit the screws provided with the fans but I have found that some modification is usually necessary when trying to fit all this hardware together.

Cougar MX330 Gaming Case

HDD Locations

This case has 2 areas for hard drives, one in the bottom of the case with easy snap in tray adapters and 2 slots on the case wall for 2.5″ SSD or Sata drives. From what I see there is enough room for 4-5 hard drives in this case. I currently have 1 x 500GB SSD (boot drive), 1 x 1TB 2.5″ HDD (left over laptop drive) and 1  x 2TB 3.5″ HDD installed in this case. I could easily add another drive if needed.

Motherboard Location

The space is this area is generous and I was able to install a full size ATX motherboard without issue. Standoffs were installed upon arrival so points for taking one step out of my build! There are numerous slots on the back of the case. Even with my XFX RX 5700 GPU installed I still have a few extra for Wifi card, etc.. if need be. If you remove both side panels there is also a generous space to reach the backside of the motherboard (necessary for some CPU cooling options).

Overall I feel the Cougar MX330 hits a lot of the right notes when it comes to a solid gaming PC case.

Buy Now from Amazon, you will not be disappointed!

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